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Curious?   I'm Eliza Kate. Here all all the things I think are great. This does not include rhyming.

    Today we celebrate the bard

    Happy talk like Shakespeare day!

    Even Chicago’s f*ing mayor thinks this is cool - so everyone use your best Shakespearean insults everywhere you go today, like this one that I recommend for the workplace:

    (Tell me that does not work perfectly, right?)

    You can also visit this awesome website to learn more about why this 448 year old guy is important and why we will all wear ruffs and garters and talk like him today.

    Or you can just watch “Shakespeare in Love” and call it quits.  That works too.

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    Winter retreat

    I recently found out that I get to escape the weird non-winter-but-still-wintery weather of Chicago to travel to the exotic land of La Quinta California (that’s right – like the hotel chain only cooler).

    Here’s a map!

    La Quinta

    Apparently there are mountains – and a desert.

    La Quinta 2

    I’ve never been to Southern California so I’m pretty excited!  I’ve also never been to a real dessert – even though there is “The Desert of Maine,” which is basically a ridiculous tourist trap on the outskirts of a shopping village.

    Anyone have advice on La Quinta or Palm Springs?

    Also – please expect super touristy iPhone photos in subsequent blog posts!

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    Battle of the Doughnuts - part 2

    This post is extremely overdue.  I would be deducted a million letter grades if I were turning in a paper for class right now.  But, like everyone who has survived a liberal arts degree, I have a very very good excuse…

    All of the doughnut places were closed!  I know I said I would be reviewing Tony’s Dougnuts in Portland, ME over the holidays, but unfortunately I didn’t count on Tony’s being closed the entire time I was in the Northeast.  I even tried going to Tim Horton’s in a desperate move to have some deep fried yumminess, but even they were taking the holidays off.

    Looks like you will have to wait until I can afford a flight back East to hear about the amazingness that is the Tony’s molasses glazes cake doughnut.

    Anyway, I’ve been doughnutless and therefore, somewhat depressed – until this morning when I spotted a certain food truck parked right on the corner in front of my office…

    That’s right – a gourmet mini-doughnut food truck… named after a beaver.

    Who wouldn’t want to try these?  For one, there is a beaver on the truck, two they are mini, and three… they were right in front of me.

    Seriously – look how cute and small that is!

    So here we go…

    Battle of the Doughtnuts – part 2:

    1. Deliciousness factor: 7 out of 10

    The cake mini-doughnut was warm like it was fresh out of the oven and basically melted in my mouth.  I only tried the cinnamon sugar doughnut (stolen from my very generous co-worker) so perhaps I’ll have to sample some of their other gourmet flavors to get the full idea of how good they are.

    2. How empty my wallet is: 5 out of 10

    Well - in this case my wallet wasn’t empty at all as I was the biggest doughnut mooch in the world this morning.  But $4 for a half dozen?  Not too bad considering 3 mini-doughnuts probably equals a regular sized one.

    3. Overall amazingness: 7 out of 10

    The fact that these doughnuts appeared to me as if they were some sort of breakfast pastry mirage may be tipping the scale somewhat – but, the overall experience of Beaver Doughnuts was fantastic and kind of adorable.  Keep a sharp eye on their twitter handle @BeaversDoughnuts to see where they will turn up next in the Windy City!

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